Staff Spotlight is an ongoing series aimed at getting to know the staff members and volunteers who work in various roles at ISF in Cambodia.  From teachers to social care workers, and much more in between, we will share a little bit about their roles, what inspires them, and some of the most challenging or rewarding aspects to their jobs.

AIA-ISF Youth League keeps Cambodian youth focused

2019-06-28T15:42:57+07:00September 28th, 2018|

Yim Sovath coaches 78 children and young adults aged 10-22 years old of mixed abilities each week, providing technical football skills and social impact training. Many of his players participate in the AIA-ISF Youth League which he acknowledges as the driving force behind the focus and determination of his players to succeed. Sovath is a [...]

AIA-ISF Youth League – Promoting healthier lifestyles among players

2019-07-04T14:07:35+07:00August 21st, 2018|

Football coach Sok Ranya is delighted to see the AIA-ISF Youth League introduce healthier habits and choices to young Cambodian players. Ranya coaches 58 children and young adults aged 10-22 years old of all abilities every week, providing social impact training and technical football skills. Many of her players participate in the AIA-ISF Youth League [...]

Staff Spotlight: Promoting good health and well-being

2019-07-04T09:43:23+07:00May 11th, 2018|

This week marks National Nurses Week and we’d like to take the opportunity to thank our own nurses here at ISF Cambodia who are committed to the good health and well-being of all our students. A typical day for a nurse here at our schools can involve a little bit of everything from providing health [...]

Programme Spotlight: Employment Team

2018-06-06T10:25:55+07:00April 27th, 2018|

As part of our ongoing commitment to enabling our students find gainful and fulfilling employment when they complete school, we recently welcomed Edmund Seong as the new Head of the Employment Programme. Edmund has over 12 years of experience in people development and organisational transformation around Asia. Edmund and his team will be focused on [...]

I Believe I Have Grown Here

2016-04-08T02:17:22+07:00April 8th, 2016|

Sorcha has been volunteering with ISF's English Programme for the past six weeks. As she is preparing to leave Cambodia and return to Singapore, here are some of her impressions of the volunteering experience: Working for ISF has been the most rewarding, yet also one of the more challenging things I’ve done. I have taught [...]