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ISF Australia supports projects in Cambodia

What We Do

ISF Australia – the Indochina Starfish Foundation (Australia) Ltd – undertakes development projects in Cambodia in conjunction with the local community. We identify, finance and administer specific projects in Cambodia that complement the work of Indochina Starfish Foundation (ISF), aiming to provide a lifeline for some of the poorest, most disadvantaged children.

Our projects are clearly identified as Australian to foster friendship between our two nations and encourage the participation of the general public in Australia. Currently, our projects teach children English, provide an employment programme to assist students transitioning  from school to the workforce, and provide an emotional and mental health programme. Previous projects have trained students in the use of computers, trained football coaches, taught children the dangers of addictive behaviour and provided development opportunities for  disabled children. Find out more about our projects by following the links below.

History of ISF Australia

ISF Australia was incorporated as a registered charity on 19th May 2008 by a group of Australians who have supported ISF since it was set up in Cambodia in 2006. The incorporated charity provides an appropriate legal framework for fundraising from the general public in Australia and the ability to offer tax deductibility to our Australian donors.

We have been approved to operate as a charity and raise funds in all states and territories in Australia, and have DGR (tax deductible) status. More than A$675,000 has been raised for our projects in Cambodia since incorporation.


Donations to assist ISF Australia in delivering our projects in Cambodia are gratefully accepted by cheque, direct debit or credit card. Please contact us for more details or use the donate button below.


Contact Us

Neil Cutler
Chairman – ISF Australia
GPO Box 5024
Sydney NSW 2001
Tel +61 (0) 2 9231 6088

Cambodian Kids Education Fund

Whilst the Cambodian economy is improving, millions of people including children and vulnerable young people continue to live in desperate poverty. Many struggle to cope, with no access to education and little hope of a normal childhood. 

ISF Australia has launched a new fundraising campaign with an annual subscription of A$500.

The funds raised through this initiative will be used to provide education for some of the poorest children living in the slums of Cambodia’s capital, Phnom Penh. We guarantee that every penny is spent on our operations in Cambodia, and no deductions will be made for our administration in Australia. Find out more…

Projects We Support

ISF Australia supports education projects in Cambodia

English Language Training

This project provides English lessons to children in Phnom Penh, with the aim of enhancing their ability to secure future employment either in the tourism industry or with companies that need local employees with English speaking and writing skills. ISF Australia provides this training as a supplement to ISF’s Education Programme. The lessons are provided free of charge by full-time English teachers and volunteers using relevant materials, all of which are funded by ISF Australia.

Computer Training

The computer training project aims to provide children with computer skills to assist in their education and employment prospects. All young people over 11 years old in an ISF programme are provided with basic ICT training in MS Office (Word, Excel), use of internet and email. This is done both as ongoing training for those still in full-time education as well as intensive training for those who have completed high school and are looking to progress into further education or employment.

Vocational Training

This project provides ISF children who graduate from state school with the opportunity to gain training for a trade such as hair and beauty therapy, motor bike mechanic, football coaching and film education. It gives them the opportunity to go into adult life with a valuable and employable skill. Upon successful completion of the courses, ISF Australia provides the children with tools/equipment/materials to get them started in their chosen profession.