ISF Cambodia's 2019 Action Plan

ISF Cambodia’s COVID-19 Action Plan

In accordance with a safety measure from Cambodia’s Ministry of Education, ISF schools will be closing until further notice to prevent the potential spread of the COVID-19 virus. We have no students or staff exhibiting symptoms of or have tested positive for the illness.

Our staff have been meeting with students’ families to notify them of this closure and give them information about our services going forward. They will keep these families informed through regular home visits, phone calls and a dedicated Facebook Group. Soap will also be distributed throughout the community to promote preventative hygiene and informational material given to educate residents on the virus and its prevention. Our commitment to our students and their families remains paramount in the days and weeks to follow.

Our Action Plan

ISF has formulated a comprehensive action plan to maintain services and support for our students. We understand the need for consistency of service for our beneficiaries in urban poor communities. Our teachers are preparing interim lessons to make sure our students aren’t again missing out on education. Because many of them do not have access to a computer or tablet at home, these homework packs will be available for pickup at ISF community libraries. Along with staff home visits, youth enrolled in ISF’s Youth Role Model Programme will use a variety of communication channels to maintain engagement and discourse as well as provide support to students and their families in these difficult times.

During our COVID-19 closure, students and their families will benefit from healthcare and nutritional support
Students and their families will continue to benefit from healthcare and nutritional support

To address students’ health concerns, our nurses offices will remain open. When employees and visitors enter our facilities they will be given a temperature check and hand sanitiser will be provided. Nutrition services will continue with food parcels including an additional 10kg of rice and canned goods to compensate for missed school breakfasts and lunches. Our approach is grassroots, personal and tailored to the communities we serve.

We appreciate your support as we continue to extend relief to some of Phnom Penh’s most unprotected residents.

The Importance of Our Support

Crises like the Coronavirus outbreak underscore the necessity of our healthcare, community projects, and education services to Cambodia’s most vulnerable children and their families. We need your support to maintain these projects that provide a necessary safety net for those experiencing food and income insecurity and help lift them out of poverty.

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