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Start Your Own Campaign

Become an ISF Superstar and help us support Cambodian children with education and sports by starting your own campaign. Whether you’re fundraising for us by holding an auction, or running a marathon or want to help us spread the word about ISF in your community, we’re ready to support you to make your campaign a success.

Here are just some ideas to help get you started. Contact us for more help and an ISF Superstar Pack.


Help spread the word about ISF at work. You could help recruit more ISF Superstars by giving a presentation to your colleagues, putting up posters or even talking to your company’s Corporate Social Responsibility department about ISF’s work.

Organising a fundraising event is a great way to mix things up and break the daily grind. You could organise a morning coffee bake sale, fancy dress day or even an Office Olympics. Be sure to talk to your company about matched giving, this is when an employer offers to donate an amount of money towards your fundraising (some might agree to match the amount you’ve raised). It is a great way to increase your fundraising for ISF and help you reach your target.


Do you want to help us by talking about ISF at your school? We can provide you with all the info you need to do a great presentation. For teachers, we’re working on a lesson plan to teach your students all about ISF and education in the developing world.

If you want to help us by raising some money for ISF, sponsorship is the way to go: You could choose do almost anything and get your friends, family and teachers to sponsor you for it! Do a times tables challenge, give up TV for a week or do chores for your parents.


Are you the sporty type or do you want to get off that couch and be more active? We’ve had some amazing ISF Superstars compete in sporting events and raise money for ISF. If you’re part of a sports club, why not tell them about ISF and see if they will join you in spreading the word?

There are many amazing challenges out there if you want to push yourself and at the same time inspire others to sponsor you. Past ISF Superstars have hiked the 3-peaks in the UK, did a paddleboard challenge in the South Pacific or joined us in Angkor Wat for the Half Marathon. You could also organise your own challenge and ask people to participate-how about a dance marathon?